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Drive Demand. Build Loyalty. Redefine your Industry. Our BRAND STRATEGY LAB is a proven process that will help your organization create brand experiences that will drive demand, build loyalty and redefine your industry – regardless if you’re a service, product or non-profit business.

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The Brand Strategy Lab is a series of exercises, processes, strategies, and tools that you’ll independently work through at your own pace. It’s combined with consulting expertise from our executive team who will work with you along the way. From our experience, it’s a pivotal journey that will lead your team to undeniable truths and brand solutions that will measurably improve your business. We’ve also seen it align, focus and define the culture of an organization.

You’ll have access to an immense set of resources including in-depth instructions, video tutorials, case studies, research articles and an ever growing library of interviews, downloads and intellectual property. Additionally, as needed, we can pull reports and analytics to enrich your insights and decision making. Finally, upon completion of the Brand Strategy Lab, the WATSON executive team will provide recommendations, insights and a Brand Evaluation Report to recap your Lab.


Tools and insights you’ll leverage for years.

  • Brand Strategy Lab (Box, Tools, and Exercises)
  • Minimum of Five, 1-hour Consulting Sessions – In-person or Virtually
  • Brand Evaluation Report and Recap
  • Brand Labs Portal (Collaboration, Files & Project MGMT)
  • Case Studies & Industry Examples
  • Video Tutorials, Instructions, and Workbooks
  • Video Interviews, Resources, and Articles
  • Quarterly Trend Reports and Inspiration
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Go at your own pace.

Go as Deep as You Need, When You Need.



Think of this as your brand’s check-up. This is where you will identify the strengths of your current brand as well as those areas that need some attention, all with the end goal of creating the most effective brand possible to grow your bottom line.


In this module, you will learn the basics of consumer research and defining your consumer’s journey. This will help unravel the potential needs, wants, stories, and unknown opportunities that will drive your brand:  not only as a marketing tool, but also as a business proposition.


After establishing an understanding of your industry landscape and defining your consumer, this module will define who you are. This is arguably the most enjoyable and rewarding module. It has several good team building exercises, which we encourage you to involve your exec team in, as well as people in the front lines.


In this module, you will define your marketing plan with content mapping, sharing your new vision with your target consumers and the world at large. With careful planning, targeting and measuring we can help ensure that your marketing dollars are highly leveraged for the highest possible return on investment.

Purchase Brand Strategy Lab | $3,550
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Each module comes with a Strategy Manual to assist you in the BRAND LABS exercises and provide you with examples,  terminology definitions, and detailed guidance through the BRAND LABS Workbooks. Follow along with the Strategy Videos for group sessions.


In addition to the Strategy Manuals, each module comes with comprehensive Strategy Videos that follow the content of the manuals. The videos come in two different forms. One full length video per module and individual section videos for easier access to specific parts of the training. The section videos are located in the Client Portal (see below).


Strategy Workbooks are to used in conjunction with the Strategy Manuals and Strategy Videos and provide editable data sheets, charts, and graphs for full customization of the material. It is highly recommended that these resources be enlarged and printed out for display in the work space and used as driving forces for your brand.


BRAND LABS’ Virtual Library gives you access to additional resources and tools to assist you and give you inspiration on your journey to a stronger, more lasting brand. The library contains case studies, articles, interviews from both designers and clients, PowerPoint presentations, and downloadable PDFs. It is a database of powerful tools.


Team Building games and exercises are one of the most powerful ways to bring people together. The games in the BRAND LABS’ modules are designed to not only to give you guidance for developing and strengthening your brand, but are avenues for getting all members of your organization on the same page and giving them a sense of ownership in the process.


The Client Portal is your digital connection to the design executives at Watson Creative. It is the place where a lot of the work that is done is uploaded to for analysis. It also serves as a virtual task list to keep you on track of your progress through the BRAND LABS’ process and enable you to look back on the work completed so far.


You are not in this alone. Each lab comes with a certain number of consulting hours. Analysis of your work, guidance, and recommendations from an executive design consultant make BRAND LABS an even more powerful resource. You will be assigned a consultant that will be one of your most valued sources of information and will stick with you until the end.

Purchase Brand Strategy Lab | $3,550
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