10 Tools for Qualitative Consumer Research

These 6 Qualitative Research Tools are the same tools referenced in the Watson Consumer Research Guide, including:

  • Consumer Journey Cards and Consumer Brand Perception Cards(Pg. 26)
  • Know Your Customer(Pg. 34)
  • Optimize The Consumer Journey(Pg. 36)
  • Recommended Task Flows(Pg. 37)
  • Consumer Mindspace(Pg. 39)

Also included are 4 additional tools to assist you in your research, including:

Recommended Priorities Chart– This chart goes hand in hand with Recommended Task Flows

Consumer Mindspace // Sport Culture Poster– A example custom mindspace map created by WATSON.

Sample Interview Sheets– So you don’t have to create them. No need to reinvent the wheel.

Brand Dichotomies Worksheet– Help frame your brand narrative around a storytelling spectrum. This is a bit outside the realm of Consumer Research, but it will help you better define your brand as you move forward in its development.

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