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Thank you for taking the time to see what Brand Labs is all about.

I started my career working for Lippincott’s New York office where I learned the classic principles of brand design, strategy, and management. I then spent over a decade at NIKE learning how to under-mine those philosophies. In 2012, my father was dying of cancer and my wife was having our first child… and I did something totally insane. I quit my job at NIKE and started a business…with a baby on the way. OMG.

So maybe my story isn’t exactly like yours, but I do know what it’s like to fight for a dream and to build a business. Today, WATSON CREATIVE (The Parent Company to Brand Labs) serves over 50 professional sports teams, dozens of iconic brands and over 300 small businesses. My clients benefit from a combination of those experiences – an intermix of classic structure and bold irreverent strategies.

For years I had been teaching these principles a Universities, Industry Summits and to CMOs. Interestingly enough some of the best Brand Strategies have happened when internal stakeholders to an organization do a lot of the legwork – immersing themselves in our brand strategy process. To that end, we created Brand Labs. It is a great tool for exec teams, CMOs, remote businesses or businesses that are simply too small to afford an agency.

BRAND LABS is a brand strategy development tool consisting of four distinct, but intertwined, strategy modules you use in house for a small business, start up, or personal brand or for use as an educational, skill development tool for aspiring branding specialists. Each module is a series of exercises, processes, strategies, and tools that you work through at your own pace.

In our experience, from a brand strategy development perspective, the entire process is a pivotal journey that will lead you and your team to undeniable truths and brand solutions that will measurably improve your business. We’ve also seen it align, focus and define the culture of an organization.

As an educational tool, you will gain insight into brand strategy techniques that you didn’t learn in school and can’t from any current book series. This is a process developed from me over the last few decades of experience working with hundreds of clients and something you would learn if you came to work at Watson Creative. With these strategies, you can boost your portfolio, skill set, and knowledge base to make you more attractive to future employers.

With Brand Labs, you will have access to an immense set of resources including in-depth instructions, video tutorials, case studies, research articles and an ever-growing library of interviews, downloads and intellectual property. Additionally, as needed, we can pull reports and analytics to enrich your insights and decision-making. Finally, upon completion of the Brand Strategy Lab, the WATSON CREATIVE executive team can provide recommendations, insights and a Brand Evaluation Report to recap your Lab. Please note, these insights are available at additional cost to the modules we offer here.

I’ve started a successful business and I’ve advised some of those most well-known executives, as well as hundreds of small businesses across the work. Be confident, Brand Labs will make you or your business better.

Matt Watson

Lab Modules

Brand Audit

Start with the Brand Audit. It’s the baseline for moving forward. Often there’s a disconnect between what you think your brand is and what the consumer says it is. Get a clear understanding of where your brand stands. Module Costs: $250

Consumer 360

To understand the consumer, use the best analytic tool, Consumer 360. Building a picture of your consumer gives you focus, evolves your business plan, and ensures that relevant and targeted content is reaching your audience. Module Costs: $250

Brand DNA

Brand DNA takes a look at your positioning and helps you define and manage the life of your stories. It helps you really connect with your consumers – making the intangible, tangible. Module Costs: $250

Activation Map

It’s time to ignite, launch, and sustain your brand. Our Activation Map is far more than a marketing plan. It’s a unique strategy for sustainable growth that shapes and informs the core of your business plan. Module Costs: $250

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