Trends make or break businesses. Much like a defensive lineman that blindsides a quarterback, trends often come with little notice and topple the status quo – BLINDSIDE.

Covering over a decade at NIKE and continuing today at WATSON, Matt Watson, founder and Creative Director at Watson Creative, has been involved in all phases of researching trends. Knowing that identifying and analyzing current trends is key to staying on the offense, Matt has instilled in his designers at Watson to actively follow twelve trends that help them better advise and consult their clients.

What Can Trends Do and Why are They Important?

  • Trends influence a company’s vision.
  • Trends lend themselves to new business concepts.
  • Trends provide brands with new tools and insights.
  • Following trends can provide new opportunities and identify threats.

BLINDSIDE, a printed instructional book created by WATSON, will guide you in the practice of identifying and following trends as they influence your business plan and customer communications. It’s a means to stay one step ahead of that rushing defensive lineman so that you can stay off the turf.

Be prepared. Always be on the offense. Always.